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Sodium carbonate CH2O3.2Na CAS: 497-19-8;7542-12-3  Soda ash,Dyes and bleach; Cleaning agents bleach

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Sodium carbonate CH2O3.2Na CAS: 497-19-8;7542-12-3 Soda ash,Dyes and bleach; Cleaning agents bleach

  • Product Name Sodium Carbonate
  • Alternative name Soda ash
  • Chemical formula CH2O3.2Na
  • CAS NO. 497-19-8
  • Exterior white crystalline powder
  • Content ≥90%
  • Grade standard industrial grade/food grade

Application area

1. Soda ash is mainly used to make float glass, picture tube glass shells, and optical glass.

2. Used in chemical engineering, metallurgy, etc. The use of heavy soda ash can reduce the flying of alkali dust, reduce raw material consumption, improve working conditions, and also improve product quality. At the same time, it can reduce the erosion effect of alkali powder on refractory materials and extend the service life of kilns.

3. As a buffering agent, neutralizing agent, and dough improver, it can be used in pastries and noodle products, and used in moderation according to production needs.

4. As a detergent used for wool rinsing, bath salt, medicine, and as an alkaline agent in tanning.

5. It is used in food industry as neutralizer and leavening agent, such as manufacturing amino acid, soy sauce and flour food such as Mantou and bread.

6. Color TV specific reagents

7. Used in the pharmaceutical industry as an antacid and a penetrating laxative.

8. Used for chemical and electrochemical oil removal, etching of copper and aluminum, electrolytic polishing of aluminum and alloys, chemical oxidation of aluminum, sealing after phosphating, rust prevention between processes, electrolytic removal of chromium coatings, and removal of chromium oxide films. It is also used in pre copper plating, steel plating, and steel alloy plating electrolytes

9. The metallurgical industry is used as a smelting flux, a flotation agent for ore dressing, and a desulfurizer for steelmaking and antimony smelting.

10. Used as a softening agent in the printing and dyeing industry.

11. The leather industry is used for degreasing raw leather, neutralizing chrome tanned leather, and improving the alkalinity of chrome tanning liquids.



Storage and transportation

Store in a dry and cool place. Strictly moisture-proof, waterproof, and sun proof.
Sodium carbonate dust has irritating effects on the skin, respiratory tract, and eyes. Prolonged contact with this product solution may cause eczema, skin softening, dermatitis, etc. Wear protective equipment when using.

During shipment, the packaging should be intact and loading should be safe. During transportation, it is necessary to ensure that the container does not leak, collapse, fall or be damaged. It is necessary to prevent exposure to sunlight, rainwater, and high temperatures during transportation.

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